I'm not especially proud of being a romantic, a nostalgist. But as I stockpile rolls of Kodak Portra VC and seasonally deactivate my Facebook account, there's no point in denying that I'm as prone to 'Golden Era' dreaming as anyone. I'll make a spirited case for analog photography any day.

But I'm also a tech nerd, and it's been curious to watch the boom in 'fauxlaroid' and vintage camera apps for our iPhones. It seems I'm not alone? Apps like Instagram, where I edited the photos below, are a more complicated case than film photography, aren't they? I'm not picking up a rangefinder and putting down the phone, I'm desperately trying to have it both ways, and need artifice to do so.

I've had long - road-trip long - arguments about the ways this artifice is or isn't different than any old analog techniques, and I won't inflict that navel-gazing on you here. At the end of the day: I do like how the photos come out, don't you?

Under sail

New Year's day means a fresh start, and what could be more fresh than some sea salt air and a fateful three-hour tour through the San Diego harbor? Not pictured: sunset, frigid fingers, hoisting the gennaker.







California stars

Home to Northern California for a pretty lengthy spell this winter, with an accompanying amount of adventure from the heights Mt. Tamalpais down to the beach at Natural Bridges. A bit of documentation ensues.



Hopping about the country.

Spain and France

Summer travels.