Organize to Win

A training series to strengthen your advocacy & electoral campaigns.

4 Sessions / Beginning 19 April

Practical tools from U.S. organizing, ready for Denmark.

Organizing 101

WED 19 APRIL, kl. 9-13

Organizing isn’t a buzzword, it’s a specific approach to social justice and radical social change with roots across the Americas. We’ll start with the basics.

Stronger Allies

WED 19 APRIL, kl. 13-17

You need strong relationships and a sharp sense of the landscape to make the biggest impact in your work. We’ll practice next-level skills to build 1-1.

Power Analysis

WED 26 APRIL, kl. 11-15

Building a winning strategy is just a five-step process, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. You’ll conduct a power analysis on your issues and we’ll get real about effective strategies and tactics.

Popular Education

WED 3 MAY, kl. 11-15

This whole training was conducted in an engaging, radically empowering style. How did we do that? We’ll unpack the methodologies of Popular Education and somatics.

Mobilizing Voters

WED 10 MAY, kl. 11-15

With Kommunalvalget just around the corner, I’ll introduce strategies that I’ve used in Get Out the Vote efforts with tens of thousands of voters to make double-digit boosts in turnout.

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Meet a Practical Need

We’ll build new skills and learn approaches that you can use right now. Each session, you’ll leave with a “take home” curriculum to use in your work.

Inspire & Energize

I’ve had the chance to work on dozens of successful campaigns and alongside amazing organizers who are shifting the balance of power in the U.S. We’ll show you it’s possible here, too.

Deepen Relationships

There aren’t many of us in this community, and we’re going to need each other. I cultivate an atmosphere of mutual respect, empowerment, and fun. We’ll build together and have time to envision where we’re headed.

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After nearly a decade as an organizer and nonprofit leader, I’m thrilled to be sharing some learning with colleagues in Denmark. This training series reflects over a year of research and work with Danish advocacy and human rights organizations, with a curriculum tailor made to the identified needs and growth spots for the sector.

We’ll have beautiful materials, delicious food with a social conscience, and a comfortable, convenient location. Our guest speakers will all be compensated for their time and the training will involve over 40 hours of curriculum development and 20 hours of workshop facilitation from Steve.

Organizations / 5.000 kr per person

The price includes individual consultation time to tailor the content to meet your specific goals, 15 hours of training, a hot lunch at each session and breakfast on the 19th, four “take-home” workshop curricula to use in your own work, and underlying costs for space rental, guest speakers, and materials.

Individuals / 2.000 kr per person

To make these tools accessible to as many social justice advocates as possible, I’m offering this individual level for those without adequate funding. This price covers only the hard costs for food, space, materials, and speakers.

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If you’re ready to register, have a question or would like more info, or just want to drop a line to say hi, fill out the form to the right and I’ll get right back to you.

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Who is this for?

This short series intends to add a few extra tools to the toolkits of grassroots advocates and professionals – organizers, consultants, political party or NGO staff – who are already building campaigns and working in Danish movements for respect, dignity, and equality. Although “community organizing” is starting to come into vogue here, the United States has a deep history and variety of strategies that are still missing in Denmark. This is an attempt to efficiently share a few of those strategies and influences with the folks who can put them to work.

This is not an introduction to organizing. While it’s important to me to have a diverse room with a variety of skills and backgrounds, we will only briefly touch on the basics of grassroots social movements. If you’re new to this work: welcome! I can recommend some other great organizations offering Organizing 101 trainings, just reach out.

Who are you?

I’m Steve McFarland, a white cis-male community organizer from New York City. I spent almost a decade working in US campaigns for economic, racial, and immigrant justice before moving to Copenhagen last fall with my Danish partner. You can read more about me and my work over here.

About that price…

I believe we can only build a truly transformative movement if we take care of ourselves and each other: I’ve invested in a cozy location, delicious food, and am paying our guest speakers for their time and prep. But my top priority is having the right people in the room.  If that might be you and you can’t afford the listed prices, contact me and let’s see if we can work something out.